Saturday, May 7, 2011

surrounding pollution

Environmental pollution is definitely a serious threat for the entire world in this age of development and industrialization. The pollution in developed cities is rising at a fast pace according to the reports of several environmental scientists. Environmental protection is the need of the hour and countries across the world are working on developing technologies and imposing certain restrictions to reduce or control environmental pollution. There have been many meetings on the international level between executives and ministers of different nations to curb environmental pollution. However, being aware of the different types of environmental pollution is essential before we adopt measures to deal with it.

Main Types of Environmental Pollution

Air Pollution
The disturbance caused to the composition of the air due to contamination of the atmosphere by human activities is known as air pollution. Release of poisonous gases in the atmosphere because of vehicles, some construction activities, volcanic eruptions, smoke coming out of factories are some of the major causes of air pollution. Air pollution can cause serious health problems and hence it becomes important to have strict rules and regulations to control contamination of air. Though natural calamities cannot be avoided, mass education about the ill effects of air pollution can help reduce pollution by human activities.

Water Pollution
The degradation and contamination of clean water by harmful chemicals and waste matter is termed as water pollution. Chemical factories and dumping of chemical waste into water bodies such as rivers and ponds have rendered the water useless for human needs. Consumption of such water can be harmful for public health. Though there are laws regarding water pollution in the western world, much needs to be done by the Asian countries in this regard to maintain environmental balance and beauty.

Noise pollution
Among the different types of environmental pollution, noise pollution is also one of the major types. Any kind of undesirable and loud noise which can be disturbing for human beings and cause health hazards is known as noise pollution. Controlling noise pollution is totally in the hands of human beings because it is totally because of activities such as noise of airplanes, vehicle noise, machinery noise, noise due to different construction activities, noise of crowd, etc. Noise pollution can be especially dangerous for patients in critical conditions. Silence zones at the right place and implementation of the set rules can help to lower the adverse effects of noise pollution greatly.

Soil Pollution
Contamination of the soil or land because of improper or incorrect agricultural techniques, dumping of chemical wastes by factories and industries are responsible for soil pollution. Deforestation done in huge amounts is also equally responsible for soil pollution. Certain mining activities are also believed to cause land pollution. These environmental pollution facts must have helped you realize the real causes of different types of environmental pollution.

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